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The Mandarin Blueprint Method Is A Proven Path To Advanced Chinese Proficiency. You Simply Need To Hit "Play" And Follow Our Instructions...

Just $39/Month Or $399/Year - Risk-Free. Cancel Any Time.

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From Luke Neale
Co-Founder & CEO Mandarin Blueprint
Dali, Yunnan Province
From Luke Neale
Co-Founder & CEO Mandarin Blueprint
Dali, Yunnan Province
Dear Chinese learner, 

If you want to develop jaw-dropping Mandarin skills...

WITHOUT spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a bachelors degree or even leaving the comfort of your own home, 

Then this will be the most important course you ever take.

Here's why:

My name is Luke Neale and just a few years ago I was struggling to make ANY progress with Chinese.

I failed at learning this language in every way imaginable.

I invested over a thousand hours and thousands of dollars, and got NO significant results.

I spent 2-3 hours a day, using every app, website, textbook, tutor, and course I could find... 

...But no matter how much time and effort I put into Chinese, I just kept going round in circles with nothing to show for it.

Like most people who use conventional language learning methods, I ended up knowing a lot ABOUT Chinese, but I couldn’t actually understand it or speak it fluently.

I would constantly misunderstand my Chinese friends, and when I tried to speak with my painfully bad grammar, their usual response was to smile awkwardly or even giggle and point!

Super humiliating.

Once my "honeymoon period" with Chinese had ended and I realized how little I was getting in return for my efforts, certain thoughts began to creep in…

“Chinese is too hard” 

“I’m not disciplined enough”

“I’m bad at languages”

“I’m not smart enough”

“I’m too old”

“I don’t have enough time for this”

And so it went on for over a year...

Until one day, I discovered a SECRET about language acquisition that changed EVERYTHING...

What kind of change? Well...


Crazy right? 

Want to know the secret that led to such incredible progress in such a short time?

Top linguistic researcher Dr. Steven Krashen explains it best:

“We acquire language in one way and ONLY one way. By understanding messages.”

Every time you understand enough of a sentence to comprehend its “message”, your ability to produce the language automatically improves.

After enough exposure to comprehensible Chinese, an ability to produce Mandarin fluently WILL emerge naturally, just like it did for your native language.

It's so ridiculously simple!

You see, our brains all have this magical “language module” that makes every single one of us language acquisition wizards.

This little module automatically “figures out” patterns in new languages, providing we have enough of a foundational knowledge to get the message of what is being said.

This immediately makes the strategy for achieving fluency supremely simple...

To speak fluent mandarin you only need to do two things:

1. Get comprehensible and enjoyable input (reading, listening to, and watching Chinese content)

2. Increase your ability to read, listen to, and watch Chinese (so you can get more input)

Any activity that DOESN'T do at least ONE of these two things is a waste of your time and should be avoided.

Now, for the BIG question...

"BUT How do I go from where I am now to effortlessly consuming comprehensible Chinese?!"

This is where the TRUE challenge of Chinese lies...

You see, to comprehend Chinese you MUST do two things:

1. Learn Mandarin pronunciation

This is the logical first step to acquiring any language successfully. Once you know how everything sounds in Mandarin, you have the necessary foundation to understand and to be understood. 

2. Learn Chinese characters

Unfortunately, the most common way of learning Chinese characters is to write them down over and over again, which is not only mind-numbingly boring, but also terribly inefficient.

PLUS, even if you are lucky enough to find a more effective method for learning and retaining characters (like the one I’ll share with you shortly), you still have to spend many months NOT getting better at other aspects of Chinese while you learn the thousands of characters you need!

The tones and the writing system are the biggest challenges of Chinese, and you have to face them right in at the beginning.

THIS is why the dropout rate for Chinese is so ridiculously high, and why Mandarin holds the title of "hardest language in the world."

Or at least, it USED to until we came along.

In 2016, my friend Phil Crimmins and I teamed up to create a new way of acquiring Chinese....

A method radically different from the traditional classroom/textbook format...

A method that gets you reading and listening to REAL Chinese as EARLY and as EASILY as possible...

We worked 10-12 hours a day, 6-7 days a week for 3 years teaching this method to hundreds of learners in live and online sessions to hone and perfect it...
...Finally, in January 2019, "The Mandarin Blueprint Method" was born.

"Like A Chinese degree
on steroids"

Just $39/Month Or $399/Year
Risk-Free. Cancel Any Time.
I’ve tried many other methods out there, but I have made more progress in the past 6 weeks using the Mandarin Blueprint Method than I made in the previous year with other courses.
- Paul Forbes
My husband is Chinese, and he’s very impressed that it’s possible for us learners to memorize in weeks what took him several years to get right, at school! I genuinely look forward to this, each day.
- Julia Chen
I don’t think I've ever been so completely absorbed in anything in my life, not in decades anyway. My family is worried about my mental health :D
- Natalia Kovalenko

This is not Duolingo or Rosetta stone...

This is Not just Another Chinese course...

The Mandarin Blueprint Method is a comprehensive and 100% unique curriculum that guides you in tiny, simple steps from zero to any level of Chinese you want.

Every step from absolute beginner to highly advanced Chinese proficiency is laid out for you, step-by-step!

Here's how it works...

As soon as you start your free trial, you'll begin the acquisition process immediately.

First, you'll learn Mandarin pronunciation...
"Pronunciation Mastery" will teach you everything you need to know in just a few hours.

Once you've grasped the basics of pronunciation, you'll begin learning characters using...
"Mandarin Blueprint has legendary status in my world. It's amazing what you're doing" - Dr. Anthony Metivier (creator of The Magnetic Memory Method)

Learn Any Chinese Character in Less than 1 Minute

By applying the mnemonic visualization techniques of world memory champions to Chinese characters, we’ve made them fun for you to learn and easy for your brain to process. 

No more hours and weeks of rote memorization. Take a quick minute to shoot a "movie scene" in your mind and you’ll never forget this character again!

Why you’ll LOVE the Hanzi Movie Method:

It works - However bad you think your imagination or memory is, you will still be able to recall characters with staggering accuracy and ease.

It’s fast - You can learn how to read, write, and pronounce any new character in less than a minute. Most members can learn 30-60 new characters an hour and remember them all.

It’s fun - Your friends, loved ones, and favorite celebrities will be "actors" performing crazy stunts packed with special effects in buildings from your own life!

Creating these movies feels like a superpower...

As you learn common characters, you'll "unlock" common words at an exponential rate...

The more characters you learn, the more words you'll unlock with each new character!

Once you reach just 104 characters, you'll unlock comprehensible sentences written by our native Chinese professors.

Instead of having to learn thousands of characters before Chinese becomes understandable, you'll get comprehensible input right at the beginning of your journey.

To put it another way, you'll be reading Chinese in about the same time as a couple of long-haul flights!

After another few levels, you will unlock entire comprehensible Chinese dialogues, articles, and stories all made up of the characters, words, sentences you've already seen...

Understand all of this easily 👇

We spent years constructing the curriculum this way for one reason: 

We want YOU to consume that precious comprehensible input as early as possible and begin acquiring Chinese while most learners are still trying to figure out how to get started!

All of these moving parts work together in perfect harmony thanks to our 100% unique, patent-pending curriculum structure.


"Living Links"

Hack Vocabulary Using Mnemonics and SRS Flashcards

As you continue to breeze through our intuitively designed order of common characters, you will begin to unlock new compound words that are not only very high frequency, but also made up only of characters you have learned at that point.

You will learn how to memorize these new words in seconds by associating them with your own life experience. This is all enhanced by awesome flashcards with native audio and images you choose that resonate with you.

Sample Lesson:

"Optimal Character Learning Order" (OCLO)

Your "Cheat Code" for Mandarin Chinese

OCLO is a patent-pending lesson structure based on analysis of over a billion chinese characters. 

It is the “no wrong turns” secret sauce of Mandarin chinese and the backbone of the entire MB Method curriculum.
OCLO first ensures that you learn the most common and simplest components, characters, and words. Furthermore, all of them are intricately arranged to appear just when you are ready to comprehend them.

Other methods always try to teach you things you aren’t ready for, which is the main reason why they are so frustrating and demotivating.

But with OCLO, it's a totally different experience.

 You won't see a new character until you have a firm grasp of the pronunciation and character components that create it...

...You won't learn a word until you know its characters...

...You won't unlock a sentence, paragraph, or story until you know the characters and words used within them...

Plus, because you have a deep understanding of everything you learn, you’ll remember it all so much more easily.
All of this provides a wonderful feeling of confidence and clarity from start to finish.

You’ll never get that awful feeling of uncertainty (“is this actually working?”... “is this really what I need to learn right now?”) that are so prevalent with other methods.

Instead, you'll be thinking "I get this. This is going to work, as long as I show up and put in the time.”

You'll follow our curriculum until you eventually develop the same amount of characters and vocabulary as the average native Chinese adult.

Along the way, you'll start consuming native Chinese content (podcasts, TV shows, movies, books, etc.)...

And throughout this entire process, you'll experience regular breakthroughs in your speaking ability.

With enough immersion and a little speaking practice, you'll achieve any level of spoken fluency you desire.

Once you've got access to the course, you'll be able to stop paying for pretty much ALL other Chinese learning products. Because you'll have...
Everything you need All in ONe place

9,000+ lessons. 88 LEVELS. 1 COURSE. 
Phases 1 to 5 span levels 1-36. Upon completion, you'll have a foundation of 592 characters and 1,000 common words and can pass the new HSK 2 with ease. You'll also be able to easily consume any graded material and begin immersing in native Chinese content made for younger audiences, such as cartoons and children's books.
The intermediate course spans levels 37-58. Completing this gets you to 1,564 characters and 4,600 words, or 94% of Chinese by frequency. 

At this level, you'll be able to pass the new HSK 3 with ease and begin to enjoy more advanced native content such as TV shows and comic books.

The upper intermediate and advanced courses span levels 59-88. Once you've completed level 88, that gets you to 3,050 characters and 11,800 words. At this point you will be able to pass the new HSK 9 and immerse in native Chinese movies, podcasts, and even novels!

Not only will you have a crystal-clear roadmap to success and all the knowledge and tools you'll ever need, you'll also have access to myself and Phil, the two creators.

Why do we offer this unparalleled level of personal support? 

Because we were you, once. We know how tough this process can be alone, and how easy it can be with the right guidance. 

We genuinely want you to succeed with this language!
Just $39/Month Or $399/Year - Risk-Free. Cancel Any Time.
We are so dedicated to your success because we are certain that...


Us speaking fluent Chinese:

To achieve this level of Mandarin, we used the same methods and techniques that you will use when you go through our curriculum.

Except for one BIG difference...

We didn't have two expert coaches (who have already made it to the top of the Mandarin mountain) guiding and supporting us throughout our entire journey!

Still wondering if this course is for you? 

No problem. Let's take a quick look at...


  • Are you a total beginner confused about where to start?
  • Have you been learning Chinese on and off for years, not able to stick with it for long enough to see success?
  • Have you been learning using apps like Duolingo, ChineseSkill, Pimsleur, HelloChinese, or Rosetta's Stone and disappointed with your progress?
  • ​Are you an intermediate learner concerned you'll be forever stuck at that level? 
  • ​​Are you tired of "dabbling" in Chinese and looking to develop deeper proficiency?
  • ​Are you a busy person who doubts your ability to achieve fluent Chinese with such a limited amount of time to invest each day?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions…

You should get started with a free trial right now.

Because this curriculum works, and has decades of top linguistic research and tons of feedback from thousands of members to back it up.

Let's take a look at just a tiny fraction of this feedback so we can...


5⭐️ Ratings Across the Board...

Just $39/Month Or $399/Year - Risk-Free. Cancel Any Time.


  • Are you a total beginner confused about where to start?
  • Have you been learning Chinese on and off for years, not able to stick with it for long enough to see success?
  • Have you been learning using apps like Duolingo, ChineseSkill, Pimsleur, HelloChinese, or Rosetta's Stone and disappointed with your progress?
  • ​Are you an intermediate learner concerned you'll be forever stuck at that level? 
  • ​​Are you tired of "dabbling" in Chinese and looking to develop deeper proficiency?
  • ​Are you a busy person who doubts your ability to achieve fluent Chinese with such a limited amount of time to invest each day?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions…

You should get started with a free trial right now.

Because this curriculum works, and has decades of top linguistic research and tons of testimonials from thousands of members to back it up!
As you can see, our members love their experience with us, and thats not just because we're nice guys. 😃

People love the Mandarin Blueprint Method because this  course gets insane results.

How insane? 

Well, we've done the numbers, and recently figured out that...


2,200 hours is 4 years as a full-time student...

Ugh, no thanks.

MB co-founder Phil has a degree in Chinese from a Chinese university and he will assure you it's NOT the way to go if you want the best results.

And I can tell you that a string of fancy apps or listen-and-repeat programs won’t be of much help either.

Using The Mandarin Blueprint Method you get authentic, clear progress daily.

Here is just some of what can be achieved with this 100% unique learning system:

  • Read, write, and pronounce upwards of 100 characters per day using the proven techniques of memory athletes
  • ​​Utilize simple mnemonics to learn hundreds of words per day
  • ​Read Chinese without pinyin or English translation FROM ZERO in 20-30 hours
  • ​Recall thousands of characters and words with an astonishing 95%+ accuracy using bespoke spaced-repetition multi-media flashcards
  • ​Read, write, and pronounce entire Chinese stories with ease after just a few weeks
  • ​​​​​​Read and understand 99%+ of Chinese by frequency in 400-500 hours (should take well over 2,000 hours using conventional methods)
  • ​​Consume novels, podcasts, TV shows and movies in Chinese in 6 months or less
  • ​Pass the new HSK 9 in 12 months learning part-time (should take at least 4 years full-time)
  • ​​Get results far superior to any 4-year Chinese degree with a tiny fraction of the time and financial investment
  • ​​Achieve authentic proficiency in 25% of the average time, while having WAY more fun
Now, you may be skeptical at this point...

After all, language learning products these days seem to be nothing but big claims with nothing to back them up!

Well, not only do we have the research and tons of success stories, you are also fully protected with our 90-day guarantee...

This course is PERFECT for you if…

✅ You’re committed to learning the language for real - from the bottom up.

If you’re willing to put in the time every day, follow our instructions, and willing to work to unlock the advanced stuff, in return, we'll make sure you get the kind of results you would have only dreamed of before finding us.

People who only want to be able to read signs, ask basic directions, or just want a few hacks to get by without really 
learning the language are better off with a phrasebook or google translate.

✅ You’ve tried to learn before with other methods but gave up because it was too hard

Most of our members struggled with other methods before coming to Mandarin Blueprint. Chances are you’ll love us as much as they did.

✅ You’re willing to test a COMPLETELY different kind of curriculum

This is a big one. I can honestly say - with no exaggeration whatsoever - that the Mandarin Blueprint is not like any other course or program you’ve tried before.

The same goes for people who want to speak Mandarin without learning how to read. You’ll benefit more from a class that focuses on speaking.

We build your foundation first, so, it’ll be a while before you’re talking in sentences. Doing it our way gives you a real, long-lasting skill, but it takes a larger time investment upfront. Speaking of time…

✅ You’re willing to put in the time

Mandarin Blueprint is NOT just a quick course you can breeze through in a week. 

Yes, our methods are many, many times more effective than the alternatives, but you’ll still need to put in the work and review the course material every day.

Eventually, you'll need to consume Chinese content on a regular basis, on your own time, and get speaking practice with a tutor.

We’ll do all the boring legwork for you. But at the end of the day, how much progress you make is still up to you.

✅ You’re willing to ask questions, help out the other members and share your story

Our community is a big part of the learning experience. Members help each other out.

I won’t stop you if you’re internet-shy (you can remain anonymous anyway), but just know that you’ll progress faster if you just ask someone who’s figured it out already.

5 ways Mandarin Blueprint blows the competition out of the water

1. Pronunciation, tones, and motivation

Other methods: You are taught pronunciation very badly, or not at all, giving you a huge hit to your self-confidence and overall progress.

The MB Method: The first course you take with us is called “Pronunciation Mastery”. We teach you everything you need to pronounce every Mandarin sound like a native in just a few hours. You’ll stay well away from boring repetition, too. Everything is taught dynamically and systematically through common words and phrases.

2. No brain-melting memorization

Other methods: You are taught characters and words using “rote memorization”, which means reviewing information over and over again. This is super boring and it doesn’t even work long term.

The MB Method: You’ll learn how to read, write, and pronounce any Chinese character in under a minute using a series of mind palaces inspired by memory athletes like Domenic O’Brien and Alex Mullen. Learn this method in its entirety by heading to Phase 1 of your free trial.

3. Never lost, never confused

Other methods: You’ll be pushed to speak without first learning to read and understand, or trying to read text without an understanding of the characters. Confusing, boring, stressful, and (worst of all) demotivating.

The MB Method: Every component, character, word, and sentence you “unlock” throughout our step-by-step curriculum has been carefully selected to appear only when you’re ready. You only see characters, when you’ve mastered their components, and you’ll only see words and sentences once you’ve learned the characters within them. As for speaking? You’ll do that when you’re ready - Usually after completing Phase 5 (level 36).

4. Designed to counter your challenges

Other methods: You are taught almost exclusively by native speakers, who learned Chinese naturally as children. 

The MB Method: We grew up in the UK and the US, and acquired Mandarin as adults. We therefore know first-hand what you'll struggle with the most. We also have native teachers to help with the finer points. It is built based on top linguistic research, the techniques of professional language learners (polyglots), and our own combined 20 years of both learning and teaching Chinese as adults.

5. With you every step of the way

Other methods: After the course/app/class is purchased, you are left to your own devices. When you need support, what you receive is minimal effort responses from employees who can’t (or won’t) empathize with your struggle.

The MB Method: We want, no, need you to succeed and we are always available to supply advice and support to make sure you stay on the right path. From technical walkthroughs to just a pep-talk when you’re feeling motivation fade, we’re just a click away, 7 days a week.

6. Real, functional progress

Other methods: You feel like you're making progress because you see a flashy animation or you can answer the end-of-chapter questions. But in the real world, you're still struggling to be understood.

The MB Method: Every character you learn unlocks exponentially more words, sentences, and reading/listening content. It still takes time and effort, but you see the rewards immediately and in the longer term as you find yourself able to tackle more and more challenges.

If you learn our way, you walk a path of certainty, knowing that every minute you invest is going to pay off many times over.

We made The Mandarin Blueprint Method because we found the best path to success with Chinese out there, and we built an entire curriculum around it.

If you’re serious about learning Mandarin, there is no better single solution. 

The best way for you to find out how and why we have such raving fans is to try it for yourself.


We're SO confident this course will exceed your expectations in every way that we do something NOBODY ELSE in our field does...

After your first payment comes out, you'll have 3 whole months with full access to every single lesson. 

If at any time you decide it's not for you, just shoot us an email and we'll give you a full refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Including your 14-day free trial that's 104 days!

Does that sound fair?


When you start a subscription of the Mandarin Blueprint Method, you don't just get the most effective path to authentic Chinese proficiency...

Direct email access to Mandarin Experts Round the Clock - $197 Value Every Month

We both read and answer every single email or course comment personally, often with a video or screen recording for clarity. These video responses have now formed a video FAQ consisting of hundreds of detailed answers. 

Downloadable Resources - $197 Value

Throughout the entire course, you’ll find hundreds of downloadable resources for studying on the go, including:

Listening Immersion Packs Download hundreds of pieces of long-form content and 25,000 sentences perfectly suited to your level for listening immersion and shadowing practice on the go

Long-Form Text-Tracking VideosAny long-form content you unlock in the course will be downloadable with native male and female audio and text tracking so you can shadow the material easily offline.

PDFs - 70+ files packed with information and visuals from the course content for quick and convenient reviewing.

Traverse - $47 Value Every Month

Traverse is the AWESOME flashcard software you'll use to efficiently retain everything you learn on our course.

Just the basic service is $15/month but we've got the creator of the software to tweak the code of the software to suit the content of our course, as well as dedicated tech support for all of our members.

You get free access to traverse as long as you stay with us!

Exclusive Access to The MB Community forum - $47 Value Every Month

We’re always available to help, but sometimes it helps to hear from those facing the same challenges. Ask questions or share resources, not just to Phil and me, but to thousands of our incredible members too.

Interactive Video Podcast - $47 Value Every Month

We also address many emails and comments each week in the Q&A portion of our video podcast. We then reply to everyone with a time-stamped link of us answering their question, creating a super-personal service for all members. These clips will often become new content for the course!

MORE Bonus Content - $197 Value

Video GuidesGain access to several hours of video on our favorite study techniques, including shadowing, sentence mining, practicing with tutors, managing your time effectively, staying motivated, and more.

500+ Grammar articles - We’ve made concise, and entertaining explanations of Chinese grammar that you’ll unlock when you’ve been exposed to that particular language function enough times.

User-generated contentOur wonderful MB community is constantly posting mnemonic ideas and inspirational words of motivation to keep you going. 50,000+ and counting!

QuizzesWe’ve peppered 30+ multiple-choice quizzes throughout the course for you to complete when you’re ready.

All yours FREE when you start your trial today!

If you are serious acquiring Chinese to a high level and you want to get there in the most efficient and fun way possible, click below to get instant access!
Just $39/Month Or $399/Year - Risk-Free. Cancel Any Time.

Smart questions people ask before joining Mandarin Blueprint

What exactly am I getting?
Any subscription plan grants you access to our entire curriculum, including Pronunciation mastery, Phases 1 to 5, the Intermediate, upper-intermediate, and advanced courses, all of the bonus content mentioned above, and personal support from the co-founders Luke and Phil.

To put it another way, you are getting years of saved time, and avoiding all of the boredom and stress that comes with other methods. 

You are accessing the most efficient, straightforward, and fun path to Chinese literacy and fluency, with two highly knowledgable, experienced, and motivating coaches with you every step of the way. 
What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?
We accept all major credit cards and debit cards, as well as PayPal and WeChat. For WeChat Pay, please contact us directly at
If I Don't Like It, Can I Get My Money Back?
Of course! Within 90 days from the moment you are charged, let us know if you are unsatisfied and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

If you do the method as instructed and finish your flashcard reviews every day, and put in enough speaking practice to use what you learn with us, then you will be able to read and speak Mandarin fluently.

If you send us your flashcard review statistics (easily accessible) showing you have done your reviews daily and you aren't ecstatic about your progress, we’ll give you a full refund no matter how long it’s been. 
What if I don’t want to reach such a high level in Chinese right now?
Our course can get you to any level you desire, whether you want to have basic conversations or get to a near-native level.

If you only want to learn a few phrases for a business trip then perhaps this course isn’t for you right now. However, in our experience speaking in-depth with so many of our members, goals change. 

You might not be so committed right now, but once you start to see how easy and rewarding learning with us can be, you’ll likely decide to change your goals and invest more and more of your time and energy into this valuable skill.
Q) Why would two non-natives be better and more effective at teaching me Chinese than my native speaking tutor?
Would you ask Paris Hilton how to get rich? Lol.

We use native speakers throughout our course for all reading and listening content, and you will eventually need them for honing your speaking and writing. Aside from that, relying on native speakers for learning Mandarin can have disastrous results!

Native speakers can produce the language accurately and with great pronunciation since childhood, and they generally don't know how to learn the language as adults.

They also learned how to read using rote memorization and had thousands of hours of input before they could even talk. It's impossible to replicate this as a learner, nor would you want or need to!

This is why, years later, Phil and I decided we needed to teach Mandarin. Because we can teach you things that most native teachers can’t. We pride ourselves on being Laowai (non-natives) teachers with awesome pronunciation and high levels of fluency.

We DO have native teachers to help you with the finer points of the language and usage/culture. But they’re mostly for the more intermediate/advanced topics.
I’ve tried learning Chinese before and I gave up. Won’t this happen with Mandarin Blueprint?
We know the feeling! That's exactly why we spent so much time making Mandarin Blueprint succeed for you where other courses failed.

First off (and most importantly), this course actually does get crazy results. Just try it and see. If you find yourself stuck with something or losing motivation? Just ask. We always read and answer every email, and we care about your success.

Also, we have a wonderful, inclusive, community on the same journey as you. We can’t promise that there won’t be moments where it gets tough, but we can promise there’s a tribe of like-minded people to cajole and motivate you every step of the way.
How Secure Is My Credit Card Information?
We take your privacy seriously. For that reason, we use Stripe and Paypal as our payment processors. The credit card data that you enter will never pass through or be stored on any MB machines. The data is sent directly to Stripe or Paypal, where maximum protection and security of financial data is ensured.
I’m a more advanced learner, isn’t it going to be too easy for me?
Absolutely not. We have 9,000 lessons, and more than 2,000 videos covering 99%+ of Mandarin Chinese. That’s enough material for everyone from absolute beginner to advanced level. If you already have a foundation in Chinese, just start from the beginning and skip what you already know. Simple!
I’m not very good at languages, how am I going to learn Chinese, the hardest language in the world?
The reason most people struggle with Mandarin is because of boring and repetitive teaching methods. You simply need a better (more fun) way of learning.

Once you start consuming Chinese, the language WILL start to just fall into place, and you’ll soon realize how simple the process really is.
Isn’t this too much money for an online course?
Mandarin Blueprint costs quite a bit more than the average online course, and that's because the results you get are way above average!

With a little commitment you'll be able to:

+ Put Mandarin fluency on your CV
+ Impress hiring managers or your friends and family
+ Build connections with one of the most powerful economies in the world
+ Get direct access to an ancient and deeply fascinating culture.

All in well under a year, or even less than 6 months if you really put the pedal to the metal.
How Do You Guarantee My Success With Mandarin?
We guarantee that you will become proficient in Mandarin (and have a blast while doing it) as long as you follow our instructions.

If you do the method as instructed and finish your flashcard reviews every day, and put in enough immersion time and speaking practice, then you WILL be able to read and speak Mandarin fluently.
The System Seems Quite Complex. I’m Not Sure If I’ll Be Able To Use It
There are many moving parts to this 9,000-lesson curriculum, and that’s because Chinese is also huge and we teach you every single aspect of the language effectively and fully. 

But DO NOT worry about any of this.

We’ve precisely arranged every lesson for you in a perfectly intuitive order so you never feel lost or confused. You’ll progress at your own pace, gradually working your way from the most simple character components to ancient Chinese stories.
Am I too old to use Mandarin Blueprint?
No way. We have learners of all ages, all being successful. In fact, some of our most senior students are seeing the best results.

P.S. A final message from Luke

Of course, you could take the money you would have invested in our course and use a few $10/month Chinese apps, or a string of native speaking tutors, or a pile of textbooks. 

But guess what? 

After your money and time is spent, there is a good chance you will NOT be fluent or literate in Chinese.

Our methods are backed by top linguistic research and have been proven to work in real life for thousands of members. 

Don’t take my word for it, just see the hundreds of 5-star testimonials.

But say you decide NOT to try Mandarin Blueprint. 

What happens then?

You might still succeed (I hope you do). But it’s going to be a much longer, more difficult journey.

You’ll almost certainly need to slog your way through a bunch of textbooks...

Or write out characters over and over until you’ve memorized them.

Most students hire a native tutor and take group classes...

These can range from kinda-pricey to “holy-cow, that’s expensive”...

And even if you are happy to spend that kind of money, most learners struggle with native speakers because they never seem to know HOW to acquire Chinese.

Once the initial motivation inevitably fizzles out and you realize you are mostly just treading water, you quit.

And so the cycle of Mandarin learning continues...

It took Phil and I several years, many thousands of dollars, and a string of failures to figure out the best way to learn Chinese...

And if you were determined enough, you could too.

But why should you?

We already did it the hard way and created a superior system for acquiring Chinese...

The Mandarin Blueprint Method is NOT just a series of memory gimmicks. 

It is NOT an illusion of progress.

It’s a complete curriculum to take you from zero to true literacy and fluency.

Once you’re done with this course, you will be consuming native Chinese content easily and producing the language naturally.

Once you notice you can recall how to read, write, and pronounce (like a native speaker) every character and word you learn…

Once you read your first Chinese sentence without any help whatsoever…

Once you start to understand Chinese movies, books, podcasts, and tv shows…

Once you find yourself able to say things you never thought you’d be able to say in a language you once judged “impossible to learn”…

You’ll know that you aren’t "bad at languages"...

In fact... 

You are a language learning MACHINEWe all are.

Mandarin fluency is still a long road, but your path is paved, the map is clear, and you have two experts to guide you every step of the way. 

All you need to do is hit play, follow our instructions, and you'll become fluent and literate in Mandarin Chinese faster than you ever thought possible.

Now it’s time to take that first step
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Disclaimer: For best results, follow our instructions closely and finish your flashcard reviews every day. This is essential. We’ve made every effort to represent accurately the products we offer and their potential. Where a testimonial suggests or states results of any kind, you should not expect the same results unless your energy and time investment into the course are exactly as the testimonial-giver.
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